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Dec 29, 2015 | | Say something

We did a review on the best logo floor mats and found a company that is providing the best quality at the best price.  You need to really consider this organization if you have a business, office, school or whatever.  Here’s what we experienced when we spoke with this logo floor mats company.

The Customer Services was second to none!

logo floor matsEvery step of the way their people were great professionals and answered every question we had.  When we first called we were going to rate this company on several different points to see what their expertise was like.  One of those points is customer service.  Right off the bat they were very polite and helpful.  We asked to see several different sizes, shapes and colors.  They didn’t complain about how many different questions we had assisted us to get us exactly what we wanted.  Even knowing this was just going to be a review blog on who provided the best logo floor mats we bought anyways because, of the way they treated us.

Product Quality

The mats came to our facility and they were absolutely beautiful!  They specialist told us that we were getting the most durable and highest quality mat in the industry and they were not lying.  We compared there mats to a couple of there competitors and found some similarities but, this mat really had great shape, amazing texture and looked much more professional then the other providers.  There are some things you need to look out for when your shopping around for some logo mats and that is absolutely the quality of the mat.  Some things you may want to ask your rep when you are consider or are in the market for a floor mat is to ask them the self life of the material.  This goes a long way and you won’t be disappointed about the results.

Product Pricing

When they told us they would beat any price they weren’t joking and we found some very competitive pricing out there on these floor mats.  We were super impressed with what we were quoted to begin with and thought it was a very reasonable offer.  Nevertheless, we told them we were looking at a couple of different logo floor mat companies and told them they will have our decision either way.  Another one of the competitor, who has seriously inferior quality to their floor mat product came in about 25 cents cheaper per foot then they did and we were shocked that people actually had lower pricing.  We called back and we told them that we were going to buy from them anyway but, they insisted on beating the price as per their promised an offered us an even better deal!

We were really impressed with all of the custom floor mats provided by this company Truly amazing.  Buy from this organization!

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